Today, more than 80% of the internet traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Whether your product roadmap is “Mobile First” or you want to extend your web application for mobile uses, AtomKit has the right strategy and execution expertise.

Our mobile developers and designers have experience in developing all platforms – Android, iOS, and Hybrid Apps. The team is also an expert in full native app development, Xamarin, choosing the right backend stack and cloud infrastructure. We ensure you get your killer app.

Cross Development

The ability to maintain a single source code base for different mobile platforms gives you the ability to launch your app on both iOS and Android. The D3em mobile development team has extensive experience in Xamarin studio cross-platform development tools. By scoring several platforms and Myriad OS versions, a cross-platform capability will be critical for your mobile strategy. Focus on your core business, and let us tackle the technological challenges of the various mobile platforms.

Cloud Development

Launching your application in the cloud gives you the freedom and flexibility to scale indefinitely without worrying about individual servers. In the cloud, you start-up small and grow without the need to refactor your design or administration overheads.
Choosing to work with D3em, our cloud development team will ensure that you only pay for the bandwidth, storage, and compute power that your application uses. Our architecture who successfully leverages the cloud will ensure that your application is able to absorb the sudden spike in traffic when your app goes viral! We have worked with all major cloud platforms; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Our existing partnerships with cloud vendors and architectural experts help us deliver a scalable cloud backend solution for your mobile app.

Native Development

The most powerful approach to leverage the full potential of a mobile platform is to build a native app with full API integration. This ensures that the best user experience is delivered. Our world-class team of Android, iOS, and Windows developers and designers work with you to meet your business requirements whether by staging the idea or by delivering it to your early traction.